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We really appreciate you taking some time to learn about Compass.  We are working hard at developing this Bible class curriculum and hope you will find it to be very beneficial as you teach the Word of God.

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What Makes Compass Different?

Compass provides a fresh approach to Bible class that is relevant for the 21st century, while staying true to the timeless truth of God's Word. Everything, from the planning to writing, editing, photography, artwork, graphic design, and development of digital assets is carried out by a dedicated team of Christian volunteers.


Scope & Sequence

The first thing that sets Compass a part is its structure.  Compass is designed with  a spiralling scope and sequence that works its way exegetically through the Bible tackling topics as they naturally occur within the text.  This means that all the ages start off in Genesis but the younger students go through the Bible at a quicker pace while the older you get, you slow  down for a deeper study.


Teacher's Lessons

Compass has a teacher's manual and a flash drive.  The teacher's manual has a deep study for the teacher's spiritual benefit of each lesson they are teaching, followed by the class material.  It is written to help guide the class easily through the different portions of class so that all of the material is covered.


How the Lessons are Written

All of the lessons for Compass are written to the age level.  This means that research has gone into where a student is physically, mentally, emotional, cognitively, and spiritually at each of the ages and that is in consideration when the lesson is put together. All lessons begin with a situation that the student can relate to, takes them to the Bible, shows them how the Bible handles that situation, and ends with a very age appropriate and specific personal application. Also, starting at Pre-K, there are two options given to every text studied, so you can either use Compass on both Sunday and mid-week Bible study, or you can study the lesson twice when you teach, thus having one book cover two quarters.  This is a very versatile and economical curriculum!




Cradle Roll

While we have one book for cradle roll out, we are still in the process of developing a full curriculum with resources for this age.  We will keep everyone updated as it gets further developed.


Two -Three Year Olds

This age studies through the Bible in one year.  There are two quarters in the Old Testament and two quarters in the New Testament.  At this time we have the Old Testament complete and have plans  for the production of the New Testament complete before the end of the year.

Pre-K - Second Grade

This age studies through the Bible in two years.  We have the first quarter which covers the book of Genesis complete and ready for order.  There are other quarters that are written and are still in the production process.  We will keep everyone informed to its progress.


Third - Fifth Grade

This age studies through the Bible in three years.  The first quarter going through the book of Genesis is complete and ready for order, however, additional quarters are still in the writing stages.  We appreciate your patience as these are developed.


Sixth - Eighth Grade

This age studies through the Bible in three years as well, although it covers some additional accounts from what has been covered in the past.  This set of lessons are still under development.


High School

This age studies through the Bible in four years. This is a thought provoking series that challenges young minds to dig deep into the text and grow  into strong disciples. This set of lessons are still under development.



The adults study through the Bible in six years.  This is a more in-depth study of God's Word designed to provide practical and meaningful application for taking Christianity outside of the church  building.

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